Here’s the list of all the promises OnePlus just made to OnePlus fans

  • OnePlus posted on its forum today issuing updates on its efforts to meet customer-suggested goals.
  • Some of the promises have already been finalized, while others are still in development.
  • Fans will likely be excited about some of these OnePlus promises.

Periodically, OnePlus heads up an event it calls Open Ears Forums. During these meetups, a handful of lucky OnePlus fans get a direct line of communication with the OnePlus team, offering feedback and suggestions on OnePlus devices.

Each OEF centers on a particular aspect of OnePlus, with the three previous events being about cameras, customer service, and OxygenOS. Now that we’re halfway through 2018, OnePlus issued a statement on the progress it has made to address OEF suggestions, as well as issue some promises for the future.

If you’re a fan, some of these OnePlus promises will likely be exciting. Check them out below:


  • Fix compatibility issues with 3rd party camera apps
    • The OnePlus 5/5T is compatible with most third-party camera apps already, but the OnePlus 3/3T is still having problems. OnePlus promises to fix that in the next update.
  • The camera keeps HDR settings from the last time you used the app
    • The OnePlus 5/5T got a fix, but it doesn’t look like the 3/3T will get it.
  • Optimize editing experience in Gallery collections
    • There will be a fix “in the next few months.”
  • Optimize panorama experience
    • This will be fixed “by the end of the year.”
  • Optimizations for “oil painting effect” on OnePlus
    • This fix is already in beta, and will go stable soon.

Customer Service


What do you think? Anything on this list that has you particularly excited/relieved/angry? Let us know in the comments!

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