Affected by the Post Office broadband price rise? Here's what to do…

Usually when the words ‘Post Office’ and ‘price rise’ are uttered in the same sentence it’s because there’s a few extra pence to pay for a first class stamp. This time however, it’s because the Post Office has announced a hike in its broadband deal rates.

From May 1, existing Post Office customers will see their internet and telephone bills inflate, with £2 per month extra to pay if you’re on a Broadband Essential plan. Unless you’re on a fixed price promotional plan, all other broadband packages will rise by £1 per month.

If you also use the Post Office for calls from your home phone, then the price of calls to other UK landlines goes up a penny per minute to 13p, while calls to mobiles go up 2p to 16p a minute. Each of the Post Office’s Evening & Weekend, Anytime and International Saver call plans will see an extra £1 each a month. See the complete list of price changes here.

But if you’re affected by the price hike, you don’t simply have to grin and bear it – it’s the ideal opportunity to take your business to another internet provider. Read on to see how to leave Post Office for a cheaper broadband deal.

I’m a Post Office broadband customer? What can I do?

If you currently have your broadband through the Post Office, you should receive written notification of the price rise. But the Post Office website says that:

Early termination charges will normally apply if you cancel your service during the minimum term of your contract. These charges won’t apply if you cancel within 30 days of receiving your price change notification letter.

So as long as you get in touch with the Post Office within 30 days of receiving your letter, you can transfer to a cheaper broadband deal with another provider (see below) scot free.

If you joined up to one of its fixed price broadband promotional offers, then the Post Office says that it can “guarantee” your package price will stay the same throughout the duration of your contract. But other services, such as the call packages and call charges, don’t have the same fixed price guarantee, meaning they are subject to change.

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